Dai Nam Wonderland-one of the fastest-rising entertainment centres of Vietnam
on 16th Tháng Mười Hai 2015

If you wanna travel to Vetnam but don’t know anythings about Vietnam travel, you can look at in this topic to see things to do in vietnamIt’s really useful. Binh Duong is a places to visit in vietnamLocated in 1765A, Binh Duong avenue, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong province, this is a spiritual tourist resort has broken so many records since its construction. Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien will amaze everyone with incredible architectures.

With an area of 450 ha, Dai Nam tourist resort has all kinds of things to see: lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, zoos, beaches, a state of the art entertainment central, restaurants, hotels… Lac Canh Dai Nam is quickly perfecting itself to become a world-class entertainment resort.

Dai Nam Camping Site

Located in Dai Nam tourist resort, the Camping Site has an area of 10 hectares and can be found behind the Great Wall Hotel and next to the Amusement Theme Park. The Camping Site is the destination for those who enjoy the shades, and relaxations. In here, you can set up you tent and enjoy the great outdoor.

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Dai Nam Wonderland Open Zoo

You can feed the animal in the Dai Nam Open Zoo.

This is the first open zoo in Vietnam. Here is a chance for visitors to access and observe the life in the wilderness up-close-and-personal. See the wild, the rare with your own eyes in their natural habitat. The zoo has a large area of 12.5 hectares and is filled with rare and endangered species.

Come to the zoo and get access to over 100 mammals, birds reptiles and fish. You can personally feed the animals. Each cage in Dai Nam Open Zoo doesn’t shelter just any species, but allow a swarm of different animals to live with each other harmoniously in a versatile atmosphere.

Amusement Theme Park

Dai Nam Wonderland Amusement Park

A state of the art amusement part with over 40 activities to choose from, depending on your age, as well as your heart rate. From the thrilling roller coaster that tests the hearts of daredevils, to the mysteriousness of nature exploration. Most of these activities have never appeared in Vietnam prior to the construction of Dai Nam Wonderland, and they are still one of a kind. Furthermore, there are also other traditional games to help visitors cool down after heart-stopping experiences. Some of the amusements waiting to be enjoyed are:

The Roller Coaster

The roller coaster in Dai Nam Wonderland

This is the longest roller coaster railway in all of Vietnam, the excitement and twist in this ride is superior comparing to others across the country.

Go carts

The first and only of its kind in Vietnam. Unlike normal go carts, these have increased difficulties and steepness, therefore enhance the extreme level of the game.

12 cases

Originally named ‘Thap nhi cung ky an’, this is a simulation of the 12 most famous cases in the upbringing of Vietnam.

Snow Wonderland

The only snow amusement in Vietnam. At the temperature -5 C, visitors will be provided with proper clothing to resist the cold. After that, they will get to enjoy winter activities such as snowboarding, skiing, snowmen building,… things that you generally wouldn’t be able to do in Vietnam.

Go boats

Go boats in Dai Nam Wonderland

Get on your boat and start beating the snot out of others’ with your own. The mist of the lake really creates the vibe of a battlefield from ancient times. There is also a cafe in the middle the lake for those who love to enjoy a beverage while watching vessels collide.

The Great Wall Hotel

A standard room in Dai Nam Hotel

The hotel is a harmonious architectural combination of Co Loa City and Hue Imperial. The quality of the rooms is standard. The price of one night starts at 400.000 VND and can reach up to 3 million VND for a beach villa.

The Board, along with the staff and management will provide you with the best service possible to make sure that you feel comfortable, convenient and safe while enjoying the relaxation and entertainment, as well as expanding knowledge on the rich culture and history of Vietnam.

Dai Nam Beach

The artificial beach of Dai Nam

The beach has a capacity of 30.000 people. The waves are created with wind in 9 styles that are unique from each other. The activities are mind-blowing especially for youngsters. There are also sporting events for the athletically gifted. And after wearing yourself out in the water world, why not savour the seafood of the area?

The Dai Nam beach is divided into 2 areas: Fresh Water and Sea Water.

Bao Son Mountain Range

The Bao Son Mountain Range in Dai Nam Wonderland

This is a range of 5 mountains that are 65m tall and 250m long, the tallest artificial mountain of Vietnam. Up on the mountain are the tower with poems carved on it and the streams with leaking water. Inside the mountain is mini version of Vietnamese famous relics and Buddha statues. Surrounding the mountain range is a golden dragon which is also man-made.

Dai Nam Temple

Dai Nam Temple from outside looking in

This 5.000 square meter structure is designed after ancient Vietnamese architecture with the main material being wood and rock, painted in gold.

Thanh Van Gate

The lake and bridge of Ngoc Bich, Dai Nam Wonderland, Binh Duong

The gate is entirely made of wood, starts with the Triple Gate and then followed by a hall of the 54 ethnics of Vietnam. From the main gate, visitors will go pass Ngoc Binh bridge and lake and onto the Dai Nam Temple. The temple has an area of 5.000 square meters. The corridor surrounding the temple is built from tiles imported from Spain. These are mirror tiles, each tile values at 2.8 million VND. There are also 28 doors in the temple, made from rare wood, each one describes a stage in Vietnamese history. All are plated with solid gold. Of course, tourists are not allowed to touch the gold.

In the front courtyard, there is also a fountain with 54 sprinklers, representing the 54 ethnics of Vietnam. The large lake nearby has a water music system, used in major festivals and events.

Kim Dien

The statues of Buddha, Hung King, Tran Nhan Tong, Ho Chi Minh and Au Co

This is the main house of the temple, worshiping traditional gods and heroes and iconic figures of Vietnam. In the middle are statues of Buddha, Hung Kings and Tran Nhan Tong. Next to them are President Ho Chi Minh, Tran Hung Dao and Au Co, all made of pure gold. There is also a plaque of 54 ethnics and 2000 families of Vietnam. On the sides, there are altars of Thanh Giong and Ly Thuong Kiet on their horses.

Visitors are not allowed to wear shoes in the main house, so it is recommended to carry them as you progress.

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