Dak Tuar Cavern is located nearby Dak Tuar Waterfall
on 19th Tháng Mười Hai 2015

According to documents, in 1961, in a battle of American troops soldiers of the former Saigon regime, all peope of Tuar village (now part of Cu Pui commune, Krong Bong district) runs to refuge in Chu Yang Sin Mountain, vietnam. Here, two villagers discovered a large cave that is long and near water sources, with many nooks. That is very convenient for hiding and eating in the long term. Later, the Dak Lak Provincial Committee chose this cave as a base. Some officials at the time as Huynh Van Can, Nguyen Muoi, Le Chi Decision, A Ma Thung, Nam Vinh, Ybloc Eban, Le Huu Kieng … was here to command the resistance. Com to Buon Ma Thuot in autumn is the best time to visit vietnam

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Dak Tuar Cavern is located nearby Dak Tuar Waterfall

Dak Tuar cavern was recognized by Ministry of Culture and Information as a historical relic in 1991.

However, in the list of 8 references of the Dak Lak Museum, there is no information related to Dak Tuar cave.

Historical figures are mentioned in the file for approval historical site as Huynh Van Need (former Secretary of the Provincial Committee of Dak Lak), Hoang Le (former chief of the provincial Party Committee), affirmed that they have never live in Dak Tuar cave. Some even said that they did not know where the cave is. Mr. Hoang Le said: “In the war against the US, authorities have a base at Tuar village, not in the cave. So, Tuar village should be a historical site but not the cave”.

Until now, the historical site has not been clarified. But now matter how the cave is, it is an ideal place for those who love travelling and discovery.

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