Enjoy hot sweet gruels in Hanoi
on 16th Tháng Mười Một 2015

If you have a chance to visit Hanoi, do not forget to enjoy hot sweet gruels from street vendors here and warm yourself up on chilly days.

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Cassava Sweet Gruel

When the cold wind blows, it means that a season of cassava has came. Cassava can do a lot of dishes: boiled cassava, cassava cake or more but cassava sweet gruel is the best idea for a chilly autumn day. To make this gruel, cassava should be soaked in salty or rice water for several hours before boiling. After that, slicing cassava into small pieces, adding sugar, julienne of ginger then cook on a small fire.  Finally, a bowl of steaming hot cassava with coconut milk, roasted peanuts is ready to please the most gourmet traveller.

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sweet gruel for chilly days - cassava in Hanoi
A bowl of steaming hot cassava with coconut milk, roasted peanuts

Rice Balls Sweet Soup

The name “Rice Balls Sweet Soup” probably comes from balls which are boiled and float on the water. This gruel is mentioned reverently in Vietnamese Traditional Food culture, indispensable on traditional occasions. These balls which are flooded in sweet soup with aroma of ginger and peanuts can light up your grey winter days.

sweet gruel for chilly days in Hanoi
Rice Balls sweet soup with peanut and ginger flavour.

Taro Sweet Gruel

This kind of sweet gruel is made with fresh taro, sweet potato, and mingled with the fat of coconut milk, jaggery sugar, and sometimes added with chewy pearls. Eat it when it’s still hot and feel the limber light sweet taste and taro flavor.

sweet gruel for chilly days in Hanoi
Taro Sweet Gruel with limber light sweet taste

There is a nearly endless variety of sweet gruels in Vietnam and they all have their own flavor. Put these dishes on your must-try food list and do not miss any chance to try Vietnamese sweet gruels.

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