Hang Gai _ the soul of the street in hanoi
on 21st Tháng Mười Hai 2015

If you’re wondering what things to do in vietnam , and where to start, Hanoi is a good destination for your starting. Hanoi is famous for roads. There are roads that are too long to go the end, but also short streets just some minutes to go through. Whether long or short, people still love the streets because of emotions that they find from them. Hang Gai is not excepted. Spending a day on Hang Gai, feeling the soul of the street, you will see the whole long historical journey imbued with every corner of this place. Com to  Hanoi in winter to see hanoi’s street is the best time to visit vietnam

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Hang gai (1)

Bright spots of Hanoi pour into Hang Gai

Hang Gai is one of the most ancient streets of Hanoi. Hang Gai Street is very short. But the street is nice and imbued with colors of the history.

Hang gai (2)

Hang Gai is one of the most ancient streets of Hanoi

From intersections, Hang Gai Street is adjacent to the intersection of Hang Dao – Le Thai To, the intersection of Hang Trong – Hang Hom; connects with Cau Go, Hang Bong; in addition to, it passes Luong Van Can and To Tich. And more, it takes only a few tens of feet to Hoan Kiem Lake – beautiful bouquet of Hanoi.

Hang gai (3)

The intersection of Le Thai To- Hang Gai- Hang Dao head to Hoan Kiem lake in the heart of Hanoi.

Formerly, Hang Gai street mainly sold ropes and hemp hammocks. Under French colonial era, Hang Gai street was named “rue de Chanvre”. ” Chanvre ” in French means hemp. “Rue de Chanvre ” in French language is similar to the name Hang Gai in Vietnamese language now.

Hang gai (4)

Formerly, Hang Gai was named rue de Chanvre as in French language.

Hang Gai was built on the former grounds of two wards of Dong Ha and Co Vu, Tho Xuong district. For a long time, Hang Gai has been well known for silk. It can be said that this is the number one silk selling street of Hanoi. Signboard of silk appeared along the street. the silk in Hang Gai was mainly imputed from Van Phuc silk village. The street however does business on purpose; it always keeps the quiet beauty of Vietnam tradition in general and the capital beauty in particular.

Hang gai (5)

Silk shops have long been famous in Hang Gai

Hang gai (6)

Hang Gai in a somewhat nostalgic space

hang gai street

Hang Gai street is fond day by day

Hang gai (7)

Co Vu communal house: ancient and quiet before the hustle of Hang Gai

hang gai street2

Near and there appear ancient houses among modern houses

Hang gai (9)

In the past, Hang Gai specialized on selling Mid- Autumn gifts for children.

Hang gai (10)

Egg coffee at Giang cafe

Hang gai (11)

Hang Gai today on first day of the traditional Vietnamese New Year holiday

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