Master Graphic by EyeStudio
Posted by thuylt on 23rd Tháng Mười 2015


Master Graphic by EyeStudio allows you to draw the boldest line with the smallest edge. Pitch black finish that you can wear all day! Use the flat side for bold lines and the sharp tip for the edges.

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After trying a gel liner, I had to go back to liquid liner! I love this liner because it is as easy as using a marker, draws on very well and really easy, doesn’t dry up and flake like some others. Works perfectly and is now my favorite liner!

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First time I purchased this product I was obsessed! It lasted forever and was super precise and pigmented. Second time it was all dried out already! I’m afraid to return it because it might be dry again if I do an exchange.

Product was not expensive but was a poor value nonetheless. It quickly came off and streaked. I never used it a second time.

The product was a marker, so I expected it to work better than ones I’ve used in the past. When I went to use it, it was practically all dried out already, and was very blotchy.

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I have bought this item twice now and although I really like the liner itself, there is a design flaw in the packaging that makes it a hassle to use. When you take the cap off to use it, the “inner cap” stays on and it’s nearly impossible to get off. The best way I’ve found to get it off is to shove the cap back on and pull it back off really fast. But this sometimes causes you to flick ink all over your hand and/or bathroom counter. Despite how much I like the product, I will probably try something else next time. Otherwise, it’s very easy to apply and you can either do a thin line or a thicker cat eye.

I suck at making a wing with my eyeliner, this takes all the stress out of it. I would definitely use the his product if I need an easy to apply, flawless liner. Not to mention how cheap it is compared to other liners.

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