Ô mai_A Warm Gift From Hanoi
on 17th Tháng Mười Hai 2015

Ha Noi is a best places to visit in vietnam. Today, Hang Duong Street is much different, just a few houses keep the traditional job but when it comes to Hang Duong Street, people think about salted or sugared dry fruits that make up a distinct beauty for ha noi vietnam


Ô mai- a warm gift from Hanoi,vietnam

Salted-dry-fruits (1)

People may spend all afternoon to find their favorite “ô mai”.

Salted-dry-fruits (2)

The way to make salted or sugared dry fruits was derived from the dried fruit processing of the Mediterranean.

Salted-dry-fruits (4)

Plum sugared dry fruits

Salted-dry-fruits (5)

Apricot salted or sugared dry fruits

Salted-dry-fruits (14)

Five- star sugared dry fruits

Salted-dry-fruits (15)

Tamarind sugared dry fruits

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