SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player
on 25th Tháng Mười Một 2015

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  • Designed for athletes and hiholidays fitness enthusiasts
  • Super lightweight and easy clip-on
  • Dynamic audio quality
  • Easy on-the-move navigation with a large color LCD screen
  • Memory card slot for more music and audiobooks etc.

Technical Details

Capacity: 8GB | Color: Blue | Product Packaging: Standard Packaging
  • Stop Watch
  • Integrated Card Reader

Product Description

Capacity: 8GB | Color: Blue | Product Packaging: Standard Packaging

Listen to Music and More While You’re Working Out

Enjoy music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more while exercising with the SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player. Designed for athletes and fitness buffs, this lightweight yet durable MP3 player delivers dynamic sound quality and can clip right to your clothing, allowing you to free up your hands and pockets during workouts. A large LCD screen offers intuitive navigation, while an FM tuner lets you listen to your favorite radio station. With 8 GB (1) of storage space, the player offers plenty of room for your songs and audiobooks, and an integrated microSDHC card slot lets you add even more storage (3).

Large LCD Screen with FM Tuner for Easy Navigation

The SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player features a large, intuitive color LCD screen that makes the device simple to navigate and operate, even while you’re in the middle of a workout. A built-in FM tuner lets you listen to your favorite FM wii u black friday 2015 radio station while you’re exercising and can interface with your fitness club’s wall-mounted television.

8 GB of Internal Storage and microSDHC Memory Slot

The SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player comes with an internal storage capacity of 8 GB to house your library of digital music and audiobooks. The device also contains a microSDHC memory card slot for even more data storage space (microSDHC card sold separately).

Supports a Wide Range of Music File Formats

This product supports the popular MP3 and AAC audio file formats as well as Audible (DRM only), FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, and WMA (no DRM). It has a 1.44-inch LCD screen (128×128 pixels), offers up to 25 hours of battery life on a single charge (2), and can be recharged using a Micro-USB 2.0 connector.

Legal Disclaimers

(1) 1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user storage less. (2) Based on continuous playback at 128 kbps MP3; actual life and performance may vary depending upon usage and settings; battery not replaceable. (3) Card not included; sold separately.

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Date First Available February 10, 2014
Technical Details
Brand Name SanDisk
Item Weight 1 ounces
Product Dimensions 0.6 x 1.6 x 2.6 inches
Item model number SDMX24-008G-G46B
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Operating System Linux, Mac OS X 10.3 Panther
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I reviewed the 2 gen older version of this mp3 player several years ago. The Sansa Clip+. Let me just direct you to that product since it is still the best mp3 player in this category/price range. It’s successor, the Clip Zip, introduced a (crappy) color screen, slightly crappier build and a few less really useful features. It was annoying, but still a lot of capabilities in such a small form factor and under 50 bucks. Now the Clip Sport is here, and they’ve gone another step backwards, shaving off a couple more features (including recording capabilities), enlarging the body and screen (but with the same low pixel density as before, and now regular LCD instead of OLED that the previous ones had), and making the interface just a tad less intuitive than before.

I don’t get it. They had several years to update hardware/specs, reintroduce features that consumers expressly missed in the last Clip, and maybe even *gasp* actually ADD features. Nope. Here’s the crappiest Clip yet. Please pay $50 for the same slightly more worthless device because it’s now LARGER.

Bottom line: Screw this thing. Buy yourself a Clip+. Outside of not iphone 6s black Friday having a color screen here are the advantages of the Clip+: AMOLED screen (not full color but WAY easier to read in sunlight), more intuitive interface, better options including voice recorder, the ability to record and save radio broadcasts, better audiobook controls, smaller and more lightweight. If you need AAC (iTunes music format) compatability, go with the Clip Zip. It’s not as good as the Clip+, but still better than the Sport.

– I used to have a Sansa Clip+ which I used daily for years, till the paint was rubbed off and eventually the screen failed. A few months ago I replaced it with a Clip Sport, which Sandisk seems to have created by taking the Clip+ and breaking it in several different ways. The “improvements” include:

— It ignores track number. Yes, audiobook fans, when you take this out of the box it will play your audiobook tracks in random order, although by first installing a patch and then using a work-around you can eventually get the tracks to play in the right order (assuming the file names are ordered the same as the track numbers). Possibly there’s an engineer at Sandisk who can’t resist skipping to the last page in the middle of the first chapter, and wants to introduce us all to this experience. Or possibly Sandisk simply hates audiobook listeners. Or perhaps they fired everyone who knew about mp3 tags and replaced them with clueless contractors (yeah, I’m going with this one).

— There’s an inexplicable three-second delay in pausing. This is really useful if you’re a mom who likes audiobooks and has kids in the house, because now, instead of pausing instantly when you’re needed, you get to either miss three seconds of audiobook or the first three seconds of whatever your kid is saying. If this seems minor, you’ve never been interrupted 20 times in an hour, while you try to both be respectful to your family and yet listen to a really good novel. Presumably Sandisk’s next model will have a ten-second delay before pausing, and after that “pause” will be phased out entirely.

— The Clip Sport only gets detected by the computer about half the time when I plug it in. Same computer I was using the old Clip+ with. No rhyme or reason to it. Just have to keep plugging & unplugging or trying different USB ports until it gets recognized.
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— Audio files randomly stop playing partway through and claim the file is corrupted or is the wrong type or similar. Yet when I plug the player into my laptop — and, eventually, get the computer to see it — I can play that same file from the Clip Sport and listen to the file all the way through via the computer. So, clearly, there is nothing at all wrong with the file. The Clip Sport is simply petulant.

— If you adjust the volume, you will lose all ability to pause, rewind, or fast forward for several seconds until it finally drops the volume display. They really love their bigger screen at Sandisk and they want you to have to stare at it as much as possible, never mind whatever it is you’re doing at the time.

— If you accidentally bump the forward button and skip to the next track, the display will not show that you are on the next track. It will helpfully stay on the track you *used* to be on. Not to worry! After the first 40 times you realize the display doesn’t match the track you’re on, you will cotton on to the Clip Sport’s wily ways and come to see this as an endearing eccentricity.

— Does not really, in actuality, have a hard reboot. You can hold down buttons to your heart’s content, but sometimes it’s going to take you ten minutes to get it unstuck when it thinks (silly thing!) that it has a corrupt file, even though it doesn’t.

— Under the Folders section — because if you expect your tracks to play in order, you will be using the Folders section — the Audiobooks category will list a great many audiobook tracks which have actually been deleted. There’s nothing like a little nostalgia for audiobooks gone by, right? And it’s a nice challenge to hunt through a realllly long list to find the book you are currently listening to.

And now I’m off to either purchase a different brand or find some 2009 vintage Clip+ players on eBay or the like (I don’t trust the ones they’re currently producing — god only knows who’s in charge of the joint these days).

— Pro-tip: Podcasts are to be found under “Books”. Because they’re basically really tiny books, right?

– Pure and simple with the SanDisk Sport you CANNOT:

1. Play songs in track # order (only alphabetically)
2. Lock the keys during play so it skips every time you bump it so don’t plan using it during sports
3. Combines albums of the same artist so they are all @#$$* up.
4. Call SanDisk and get help. They think everyone likes music alphabetically and filled with sudden skips
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This is the poorest design of an Mp3 player I have ever experienced from a company I used to love and trust. Sanyo has lost its best customer!

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