Seeing Pieces of Gentle Colors of Sword Lake in Autumn
on 21st Tháng Mười Hai 2015

Autumn in Hanoi is most beautiful that is the places to visit in vietnamThere are few places having as romantic autumn as in the capital Hanoi of thousand years.

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hanoi autumn (11)

In autumn, yellow leaves fly after the call of wind

High blue sky without any cloud, gentle sunlight, it seems the whole sky region is dyed with fresh yellow color. The autumn wind blows gently and takes yellow leaves away. And Hanoi autumn is descried a gentle and fervid beauty, a distinct one that only those who have been associated with Hanoi can feel its entire beauty.

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hanoi autumn

Hoan Kiem lake is an ideal dating place for in love couples on roads full of yellow leaves

On last days of autumn, the lake’s surface is as silent as mirror and sometimes ripples when a gentle wind goes through.

hanoi autumn (5)

The lake’s surface is as silent as mirror

hanoi autumn (4)

Autumn sunlight

hanoi autumn (10)

Dawn at the Hoan Kiem lake

The Hoan Kiem lake owns a Turtle tower that is not only too familiar to Hanoi but also to the whole Vietnamese people. The image of Turtle tower came into national literature through historical stories.

hanoi autumn (13)

Hoan Kiem lake in early morning full of energy

hanoi turtle tower

Hoan Kiem lake in Autumn with yellow leaves

hanoi autumn (7)

The Turtle tower in early autumn morning

hanoi autumn (9)

An elderly takes his child around Hoan Kiem lake in early autumn morning

hanoi autumn (15)

Do exercise in early morning

hanoi autumn (12)

The Huc bridge covered with yellow color

After a hard-working day, people choose for themselves an interesting way to relax. That is to ramble around Hoan Kiem lake and here will sweep away tiredness and daily worries. Sit on an available stone chair, behold a peaceful lake, escape from the rustle of urban and let your soul peace of mind.

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