Toshiba 84L9300U 84 Inch 4k
on 17th Tháng Mười Một 2015

Powered by Toshiba’s newest proprietary CEVO 4K Quad+ Dual Core Processor, the all-new and award-winning L9300U Series Ultra HD 4K LED TVs deliver four times the resolution of Full HD (3840x2160p) for incredible detail with the highest quality Ultra HD image processing available today.

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CEVO 4K provides stunning restoration of resolution, color and brilliance, from virtually any video source, making it ideal for families, home theater and technology enthusiasts and serious PC gamers seeking the ultimate viewing experience for movies, TV shows, video games, photo viewing and PC applications. 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160p) provides four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD for breathtaking detail and image quality even up close. 2nd Generation Quad + Dual Core Processor delivers the ultimate 4K Ultra HD image from 4K and standard 4K. Get easy access to a menu of new services with a Multi-Page Cloud TV Portal. Stream movies, access your music and photos, or find something new with the Media Guide; connect to family and friends with Skype, Facebook or Twitter. Share photos, leave a message or post to the calendar with the companion app; connect to your mobile devices while at home or on the go.

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Enjoy a truly cinema-quality picture at four times the resolution of standard HDTVs with the Toshiba 84L9300U 84-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV. Equipped with a dual-core processor, this modern cloud TV has a sleek profile and delivers the highest quality Ultra HD image processing available. A full set of connections allows you to hook up laptops, mobile devices, USB drives, and more.


4K Ultra HD Processing with CEVO

Designed to meet modern connection needs while offering optimal picture quality, the Toshiba 58L9300U grows with you with server-based upgradability. A second generation CEVO 4K Quad + Dual Core Processor delivers high-quality image processing, restoring the resolution, color, brilliance, and fine texture of your DVDs and Blu-rays for an optimal viewing experience.

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Superior HD Image Processing and Upconversion

The Toshiba 84L9300U lets you enjoy your favorite games and movies in unprecedented detail and texture. With 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160), this HDTV delivers four times the resolution of standard 1080p Full HD televisions. A high-speed dual-core processor sends the best possible image to your screen. And 4K Resolution+ technology works to upconvert your programming sources, including Blu-rays, cable boxes, and gaming systems, so you can enjoy great detail from whatever source you choose.

Cinema-Quality Picture and Sound

This HDTV is equipped with components that, combined with its 4K HD technology, bring your viewing experience to a new level. An AutoView component automatically adjusts picture settings based on light conditions, while built-in Color Restoration restores the richness of color even from compressed sources.

CQ Engine

This model also includes a High-Bright CineSpeed LED display for faster, brighter visuals and a more natural big-screen picture, a ClearScan 240 Hz component that doubles the refresh rate on fast motion video, and a CQ engine for powerful video processing. For the clearest picture possible, the CQ engine employs UltraClear Dynamic Noise Reduction technology that filters out visual noise without decreasing picture sharpness.

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And for an enriched audio experience, this HDTV is built with the Audyssey Premium Television suite of technologies that work together to deliver clear, well-balanced sound–ideal for getting the full experience of action movies, musical performances, and audio-enhanced games.

Converts Any 2D Picture to 3D

Built with Trivector technology, this TV can convert any 2D picture to 3D to transform an ordinary movie or game night to a thrilling 3D experience whenever the mood strikes.

Smart TV Lets You Connect with Friends
Cloud TV

This cloud TV lets you keep your family and friends close through messaging, event calendars, and photo sharing. KontrolTV apps even let you play games with family and friends using your mobile devices as controllers, and a Skype feature enables free video calls using an optional camera (sold separately).

You can also kick back and stream your favorite movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU HD Movies, VUDU Apps, YouTube, and more. Need to surf the Internet or check your email during the commercial? This convenient TV has a built-in browser so you can do it all from the comfort of the couch.

The 84L9300U television comes with a wireless keyboard with a built-in touchpad for easier, faster browsing. For more control options, a Universal System Blaster is included, so you can control all your audio and video devices using the illuminated remote.

Mobile Interactivity and Apps

The Toshiba 84L9300U allows you to connect your Android or iOS mobile device to display your small-screen content on the big screen. Enjoy the wide range of apps for movies, TV shows, music, online games, and social interaction features that come with purchase.

Sleek, Modern Design with Multiple Inputs

The included stand gives you the option of setting the television out or mounting it on a wall, so it’s easily accommodated in virtually any space. Available in gunmetal finish with a thin bezel, this TV looks as great as the picture quality it delivers. Use the various input connections and built-in Wi-Fi it to connect to your favorite content, mobile devices, and people.

With multiple input options, this user-friendly HDTV gives you the flexibility to connect to a range of devices. Four HDMI connections, a component video input, two USB video ports, a high-def PC port, an SD media card slot, and built-in Wi-Fi and Intel Wireless Display allow you to hook it up to a Full Jack Pack or connect external speakers, AV receivers, flash drives, PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. Connect a USB drive to enjoy slideshows, video, and music without hooking up your computer–a handy solution if you are planning to wall-mount the screen.

Two Modes for Multipurpose Use
Game Mode

The Toshiba 84L9300U is equipped with two modes–Dynamic Picture Mode and Game Mode.

Delivering maximum clarity and color saturation, Dynamic Picture Mode lets you fully enjoy the intricate graphics of video games, animated films, and visual input from your laptop. Game Mode decreases controller delay for faster gaming action, while GameTimer offers parents the option of setting time limits for video game play.

What’s in the Box

Toshiba 84L9300U 84-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV, wireless QWERTY keyboard with touchpad, two pairs Active 3D glasses, universal remote control with batteries (2 AA), IR Blaster cable, resource guide, quick start guide, and warranty.

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